Spanish Travel is a DMC, “Destination Management Company”, what we know in Spanish as “Local Integrating Tourist Agencies”.

A local agency, which offers design, management and coordination services for tourist trips and events in the Pyrenees, an expert in tourism promotion and with extensive knowledge and experience of the tourist conditions and resources of the region.

Specialized in immersion trips in the Spanish culture and language within the framework of responsible and sustainable tourism.

We help nature lovers who want to practice Spanish, to discover The Pyrenees, its nature, gastronomy and traditions, to be able to live a total immersion in the Spanish culture and language while contributing to local sustainability.

What do we offer?

Private Spanish classes with a native teacher, one to one immersion course.

Transfer, activities tickets, visits to natural and cultural places, adventure and activities guided by locals.

Personalized trips of total immersion in the Spanish culture and language.

Tasting typical regional products, gourmet experience.

The best hotels and private accommodations

Personalized service

Put face to Spanish tavel! 

Delia López

Hello! My name is Delia, I am from north Spain and I live in Tena Valley, a beautiful area in the heart of the Pyrenees. 

It all started back in 2010, when due to my love for tourism; and my passion for nature, history and popular customs, which made me interested in training as a tourism technician,  and thus being able to promote and make Aragonese heritage known.

I began providing my services as a tourist guide and tourist informant in different companies, until I decided to take the step and undertake a personal project of guided visits and interpretation of the cultural, natural, ethnographic and mythological heritage: Culibillas Aragonese Heritage.

I am an accredited teacher of Spanish for foreigners (E.L.E. in Spanish) and I have worked as an E.L.E. teacher with language travel groups. 

I complimented my training with different Technical courses in Event Organization, Travel Agency Management, and Tourism Business Management, etc. who trained me as a local tourism development agent and as a quality coordinator in tourism service companies and entities.

For years I have worked as a Tourism Technician in the Aragonese Pyrenees, developing tasks of local tourism promotion and revitalization, as well as organizing and planning different events and tourism products.


Until one day, with time, a need for personal development arises, a new illusion that combines my knowledge and my experience with my two passions: teaching heritage, culture and the Spanish language and making known the wonders of my land beyond the Pyrenees. This is where Spanish Travel was born.

Responsible Tourism Policy

Conservation and improvement of heritage and cultural and natural resources through the promotion of knowledge by visitors of the reality of the destination.

Contribution to the economic and social development of the destination: through a policy of purchasing products and contracting local services. Socially responsible behavior is guaranteed with its employees and suppliers.

Environmental conservation: It is aimed at minimizing the negative environmental impacts derived from the activity, through:

Proper management of consumption, waste, discharges, emissions, etc.

Reduction of the consumption of paper, plastics, etc.

Use of recycled paper and ink cartridges

Customer satisfaction and involvement in the responsible tourism system: Provide information to the customer on the responsible actions carried out, as well as on those activities that promote the visitor’s knowledge and respect for the destination.

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