Spanish Culture in Spain

«We help nature lovers discover the Aragonese Pyrenees, its nature, gastronomy and traditions with our guided tours and gastronomic trips Huesca, to be able to experience total immersion in its culture while contributing to local sustainability»

spanish culture in spain

Now you choose!

Do you want to get to know the Pyrenees in a different way through guided tours?

Would you like to: do gastronomic trips Huesca and taste the exquisite gastronomy of the Pyrenees, visit incredible places and learn about their stories and traditions?

Feel what it feels like to visit the same ancient places that centuries ago the kings, nobles and illustrious characters of history visited. Enter natural places inhabited by the mythological beings that for years have starred in the legends of the place…

Make you shudder with the stories of witchcraft or smuggling, which these mountains witnessed long ago…

Discover all this and more thanks to our guided tours and gastronomic trips Huesca.

What do I propose to you?

History and Tradition of the Pyrenees

Megalithic monuments, pre-Romanesque churches, Romanesque cathedrals and monasteries, traditional architecture, Gothic and Baroque altarpieces. Pyrenean mythology and uses, customs and traditions.

The witches of Tena

Who were the witches? Why does witchcraft arise in the Pyrenees? What spells did they perform and what amulets did we find in our house to protect ourselves? Discover through a theatrical guided tour the plants that witches used, their uses and properties, to finish by making your own natural ointment. Half-day activity. Throughout the year.

Shepherd for a day

Become a shepherd for a day with this activity where we will learn about the work of shepherd dogs, we will walk the flock and after collecting it, we will milk the goats and make our own cheese in the traditional style. One-day activity. From April to October.

Churches of Serrablo by E-Bike

Impressive electric bike route where we will discover the three churches that make up the group of Serrablo churches dating from the 10th and 11th centuries.
Three pre-Romanesque architectural jewels, unique in the world for their unique characteristics. Half-day activity. All year round depending on the weather.

Historia y Tradición del Pirineo

Monumentos megalíticos, iglesias prerrománicas, catedrales y monasterios románicos, arquitectura tradicional, retablos góticos y barrocos. Mitología y usos, costumbres y tradiciones pirenaicas.

Las brujas de Tena

¿Quiénes eran las brujas? ¿Por qué surge la brujería en el Pirineo? ¿Qué hechizos realizaban y que amuletos encontramos en nuestra casa para protegernos? Descubre a través de una visita guiada teatralizada las plantas que utilizaban las brujas, sus usos y propiedades, para finalizar realizando tu propio ungüento natural. Actividad media jornada. Durante todo el año.

Pastor por un día

Conviértete en pastor por un día con esta actividad donde conoceremos la labor de los perros pastores, pasearemos el rebaño y tras recogerlo, ordeñaremos las cabras y realizaremos nuestro propio queso al estilo tradicional. Actividad de una jornada. De abril a octubre.

Iglesias de Serrablo en E-Bike

Impresionante ruta en bicicleta eléctrica donde descubriremos de las tres iglesias que componen el conjunto de iglesias de Serrablo datadas en los siglos X y XI.
Tres joyas arquitectónicas prerrománicas, únicas en el mundo por sus singulares características. Actividad de media Jornada. Todo el año dependiendo de la climatología.

History of Transhumance

Through the trails sponsored by the families of Hoz de Jaca we will contemplate the best views of the Tena Valley from its viewpoints and we will learn about the history of transhumance that has marked the life of these towns, while you will be shaken by the stories of smuggling that occurred in these mountains.
Half-day activity. All year round depending on the weather.

Cradle of the Kingdom of Aragon

With this experience we will delve into the creation of the Kingdom of Aragon, and we will visit the most influential towns and monuments in history. Visit to the cathedral of Jaca, and the monastery of San Juan de la Peña, two of the jewels of the Aragonese Romanesque and after lunch visit to the medieval town of Aínsa, considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Half-day activity. All year.

Taste the best Pyrenean delicacies

Savor local products and discover the flavors of the Pyrenees through gastronomic trips Huesca. Garden vegetables, honey, jams, pâtés, cheeses and sausages, traditional sweets, high-altitude wines, as well as beer, pacharán and artisan vermouth.
Gastronomic trips Huesca and guided gastronomic tours a la carte adapted to the client's needs. Tasting menus in the best award-winning restaurants and show-cooking. Half-day activity. All year.

Visit to local producers

Gastronomic trips Huesca and guided à la carte tours to learn about local producers and the preparation of the different products of Km. 0: Wine cellars, craft beer, organic honey, cheeses, etc. Half-day activity. All year.

Historia de la Trashumancia

A través de los senderos apadrinados por las familias de Hoz de Jaca contemplaremos las mejores vistas del Valle de Tena desde sus miradores y conoceremos la historia de la trashumancia que ha marcado la vida de estos pueblos, a la vez que os estremeceréis con las historia de contrabandismo que ocurrieron en estas montañas.
Actividad de media jornada. Todo el año dependiendo de la climatología.

Cuna del Reino de Aragón

Con esta experiencia profundizaremos en la creación del Reino de Aragón, y visitaremos las localidades y monumentos más influyentes en la historia. Visita a ala catedral de Jaca, y el monasterio de San Juan de la Peña, dos de las joyas del románico aragonés y tras el almuerzo visita a la villa medieval de Aínsa, considerado uno de los pueblos más bonitos de España. Actividad de media jornada. Todo el año.

Degusta los mejores manjares Pirenaicos

Saborea los productos locales y descubre los sabores del Pirineo. Verduras de la huerta, miel, mermeladas, patés, quesos y embutidos, dulces tradicionales, vinos de altura además cerveza, pacharán y vermut artesanos.
Visitas guiadas gastronómicas a la carta adaptadas a las necesidades del cliente. Menús degustación en los mejores restaurantes galardonados y show-cooking. Actividad media jornada. Todo el año.

Visita a los productores Locales

Visitas guiadas a la carta para conocer a los productores locales y la elaboración de los diferentes productos de Km. 0: Bodegas de vino, cerveza artesana, miel ecológica, quesos, etc. Actividad de media jornada. Todo el año.

What we offer?

Personalized attention

Responsible trips with total immersion in the destination and gastronomic trips Huesca

The best hotels or private accommodations

Transfer, activity tickets, visits to natural and cultural places, adventure and activities guided by locals and gastronomic trips Huesca

Gastronomic trips Huesca with tasting of typical regional products, gourmet experience

Sports and adventure activities with the best accredited guides

Atención personalizada

Viajes responsables de inmersión total en el destino

Los mejores hoteles o alojamientos privados

Transfer, tickets de actividades, visitas a lugares naturales y culturales, aventura y actividades guiadas por lugareños

Degustación de productos regionales típicos, experiencia gourmet

Actividades deportivas y de aventura con los mejores guías acreditados

Happy Spanish Travel travelers!

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Sallent, a beautiful town with a guide, Delia who does justice to everything it deserves! Thank you very much, I recommend it 100%!
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